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On-Shore and Off-Shore Company: Which to choose?

The term offshore indicates "a company incorporated under the laws of a foreign state, but which conducts its activities outside the state or jurisdiction in which it is registered" (source: Wikipedia), often the prerogative of countries Onshore that are commonly defined as the UK or the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

The fact the matter is quite complex and requires specific advice on the matter, even if we can say what are commonly known Offshore Company those formed in countries where taxation is close to 0%, there is no special regulation regarding accounting from hold, for reporting to and above and guaranteed absolute anonymity is guaranteed.

The company Offshore can represent, because of its privacy features and simplicity Management, a solution to be attached to a company Onshore operations in asset protection and preservation of assets in kind or when they seek special advantages of a fiscal nature.

The Off-Shore Companies, however, are not the only solution to ensure anonymity of the partners and managers, the trust company incorporated in England represents, for example, a viable solution for asset management, securities and real estate.

Associated Law Advisors provides trust services through its Nominee English London-based available to its customers beneficiaries 24h, 7 days 7.

The choice of a company or On-Shore Off-Shore is the advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when counseling: without a detailed analysis carried out by consultants, experts in law and international TAXATION there is a risk of making wrong choices and not suited to the own needs, throwing time and money at the risk of being to buy "empty boxes" and not being able to handle them correctly.

The company must operate? In which countries? Or do I need only one form of asset protection!

These are just some of the fundamental questions on which It is necessary to have precise answers to prepare a proper framework and operation reach objectives.

Associated Law Advisors through its consultants, Lawyers and Certified Public Accountants specializing in International Law, offers consulting and services for the establishment of Foreign Company Onshore and Offshore and opening of Foreign Current accounts with trust management, acting in complete legality and respecting the laws regarding antiricilaggio (Anti-Money Laundering).

Our structure in London and Austria work together to provide solutions in the field of internationalization and Protection Sheet.

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